One Arm Pull Up / Chin Up

The One Arm Pull-Up is one of the most difficult exercises, requiring a lot of strength to do and training to achieve. Here are the basic steps you can follow that will help improve your strength and prepare you for it.

1. Regular Pull-Ups

Before you start working towards a One Arms Pull-Up, practice your regular 2 hand Pull-Ups until you are able to do 15 easily.

2. Pull-Down exercise

In order to build power, start by doing one arm lat pull-downs on a machine to improve arm strength.

3. Hang from a bar by One Arm

One method of working your grip for this exercise would be to simply hang on a Pull-Up bar with one arm at full extension.

4. One Arm negatives

Pull yourself up to the bar with both hands, release one hand and lower yourself down.

5. Assisted One Arm Pull-Up

Hold the wrist of the lifting arm with your other arm and pull yourself up.
Caution: Training one arm could put extra strain on the arm, shoulder and back so take extra care when exercising. 
*   Always talk with your doctor before beginning any exercise program.