Pull-up Bar Buying Guide

Pull up bar / chin up bar bying guide

This Guide will help you to choose best Pull-up bar for you.
It is divided up into five sections:
  1. Types of Pull-up bars
  2. How to choose the right Pull-up bar
  3. Comparison tables of Pull-up bars
  4. How to install a Pull-Up Bar
  5. Best Heavy duty Pull-up bars

1. Types of Pull-Up Bars / Chin-Up Bars

A pull-up bar (or chin-up bar) is one of the best pieces of training equipment with a remarkable range of different types available on the market.

Doorway Pull-Up Bar (Telescopic)

door way frame pull up bar chin up barThis type of pull-up bar mounts inside of a standard doorway.It is secured in place by:
1) mounting two brackets onto either side of the door frame and then inserting down the bar into the brackets, or
2) twisting the bar to expand and push against the door frame on both sides.
It is recommended using a bar with the mounting hardware to avoid any slip over time. One drawback of the second solution is the black marks left inside the door frame, when you remove the bar. By hanging a Pull-Up Bar in a doorway, you can simply do a speedy pull-up each time you pass the door. The disadvantage is that you have to bend your knees to keep your feet off the floor if you are tall. Also, you may have a problem doing wide grip pull-ups. Before purchasing a Doorway Pull-Up Bar, make sure it fits the door opening width.

Leverage Mounted Pull-Up Bar

leverage doo rway frame pullup bar chinup bar It rests on the front edge of the door frame and is secured in place by leveraging your own body weight. It is simple to install and does not require any drilling or fixed mounting to stay secure. You are able to remove it from the doorway, after your workout.Many Leverage Mounted Pull-Up Bars are portable: they are small enough to pack them along with you, if you travel.This Bar comes with more than one grip to give you more exercise variety. Some models even let you make use of it at floor level for pushups, dips, and crunches.However, these are not as sturdy as the other types of Pull-Up Bars and may be dangerous depending on your weight and what you are going to be using it for. Just be sure to read the weight limits and other fine print on the package before buying. Verify that your door frame trim is thick enough and the Bar fits the door opening width.As with the Doorway Pull-Up Bar, if you are tall you have to bend your knees during the workout.

Wall Mounted Pull-Up Bar

wall mounted pull up bar chin up barThe wall mounted Pull-Up bar is screwed into the wall.The bar should extend at least 15 inches (~40 cm) away from the wall to provide enough space for proper exercise form.

Ceiling Mounted Pull-Up Bar

This type of Pull-Up bar is screwed into the ceiling. It is made to extend from the ceiling from vertical bars. The height of the ceiling determines the length of the selected vertical bars. Most of the Ceiling Mounted Pull-Up Bars are designed to fit standard stud spacing. This Bar gives the most flexibility for exercising: By placing it away from the wall, there is plenty of room to swing and move your body without hitting the wall or any other structure.

Joist Mounted Pull-Up

joist mounted pull up bar chin up barIt is screwed into the sides of a ceiling joist. There must be a ceiling step or an exposed joist to hang it from.

Free Standing Pull-Up Bar

free standing pull up bar chin up barIt does not require any fixing, but only enough floor space to place it.It provides a more solid place to exercise without the possibility of doing any damage to your home.The majority of the Free Standing Pull-Up Bars offer dip exercises attachments.

2. How to Choose the Right Pull-Up Bar

These are the most important criteria that will help you to choose the right Pull-Up Bar for you.
There is a significant price range depending on the bar type (source: Amazon.com/pullupbar)


Doorway Pull Up Bar: $ 10-50
Leverage Pull Up Bar: $ 15-75
Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar: $ 35-650
Ceiling Mounted Pull Up Bar: $ 60-225
Joist Mounted Pull Up Bar: $ 30-70
Free Standing Pull Up Bar: $ 100-475

Length of the bar

The length of the bar can vary from 24’’ to 48’’. Prefer a longer bar >32 inches, to get a wider grip.

Diameter of the bar

The diameter of the bar can be different, varying from 3/4’’ to 1 ½’’. In case the diameter is less than 1’’, the bar should have foam grips. Prefer a 1 ¼’’ or 1 ½’’ bar.

Supported User Weight

The supported user weight (according to product specifications) varies from 200 to 600 lbs. It should be at least 50% more than the user weight.
Supported User Weight (product specifications) > 1, 5 x User Weight

Removable or Permanent

Apart from the Leverage mounted and some Doorway Pull up Bars which are removable, all the other types require some permanent fixing.

3. Comparison tables of Pull-Up Bars 

(source: amazon.com)

a. Doorway Pull-Up Bar (Telescopic)

Big Mike's Deluxe
Doorway Pull-Up Bar
Doorway Pull-Up Bar
JFit Deluxe
Doorway Pull-Up Bar
telescopic_pullupbar_chinupbar_1 telescopic_pullupbar_chinupbar_2 telescopic_pullupbar_chinupbar_3
Door Frame width 24'' to 36'' 28'' to 36'' 26'' to 40''
Supported user weight 300 lbs 250 lbs 250 lbs
Padded foam grips Yes Yes Yes
Brackets for secure mounting Yes Yes Yes

b. Doorway Pull-Up Bar (Leverage)

Wacces 3-in-1
Doorway Pull-Up Bar
Maximum Fitness G
Doorway Pull-Up Bar
Perfect Fitness Pro
Doorway Pull-Up Bar
Door Frame width 24'' to 32'' 32'' to 36'' 27'' to 35''
Supported user weight 300 lbs 300 lbs 300 lbs
Padded foam grips Yes Yes Yes
Number of grip positions 3 4 3
Additional features Bonus Ab straps - Patented frame guards

c. Wall mounted Pull-Up Bar

Ultimate Body Press
Wall mounted Pull-up Bar
Wall mounted Pull-up Bar
Balazs Nonadjust.
Wall mounted Pull-up Bar
wall mounted pull up bar chinupbar
wall chinupbar pullupbar
wall mounted chinupbar pullupbar
Distance wall to bar 13'' 30'' 18''
Supported user weight 300 lbs 300 lbs 500 lbs
Pull-Up bar width 40'' 48'' 32'' or 48''
Padded foam grips Yes No No

4. How to install a Pull-Up Bar / Chin-Up Bar

1. Installation of a Leverage Mounted Pull-Up Bar / Chin-Up Bar

2. Installation of a Doorway (Telescopic) Pull-Up Bar / Chin-Up Bar

3. Installation of a Wall Mounted Pull-Up Bar / Chin-Up Bar

4. Installation of a Ceiling Mounted Pull-Up Bar / Chin-Up Bar

5. Heavy duty Pull-Up Bars / Chin-Up Bars

The best heavy duty Pull-Up Bars are selected based on six criteria.


  1. Supported User Weight ≥ 500 pounds (according to product specs)
  2. Number of bolts for mounting ≥ 6
  3. Bar diameter ≥ 1 ¼''
  4. Clearance from wall (for wall mounted bars) ≥ 20''
  5. Width of the bar ≥ 40''
  6. Average customer reviews (Amazon.com) ≥ 4,5 out of 5 stars

1. Stud Bar Pull Up Bar

Stud Bar Pull Up Bar
Type: Ceiling (and Wall) mounted
Supported User Weight: >600 pounds
Number of bolts for mounting: 8
Bar diameter: 1 ¼''
Clearance from wall: 22'' (standard size)
Width of the bar: 48''
Average customer reviews: 4,7 out of 5 stars (135 reviews)

Extra features

It comes in 3 different sizes to accommodate different ceiling heights.
Lifetime warranty.

2.Valor Fitness

heavy duty pull up bar chin up bar
Type:Wall mounted
Supported User Weight: >600 pounds
Number of bolts for mounting: 6
Bar diameter: 1 ¼''
Clearance from wall: 31''
Width of the bar: 51''
Average customer reviews: 5 out of 5 stars (1 review)

Extra features

Multi grip
5-Year Warranty

*Always talk with your doctor before beginning any exercise program.
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