Best of Pull-Up Exercise Books

pull up books

  1. How to Perform Your First Pull-Up

how_to_perform_your_first_pull_upIn this guidebook you'll learn: 
- How anyone of any level can find where they're at now and start improving right away
-Body positioning, and how to perform a pull-up with good form!
-The difference between a pull-up and a chin-up, and the benefits of each
-Why doing assistance exercises such as lat pull-downs and other machine variations isn't necessary
-Effective techniques to greatly boost your ability that require little or no equipment
-A whole chapter of advanced exercises

2. Door Frame Pull-Up Bar workout

door_frame_pull_up_bar_workoutThe most popular home-gym equipment in the United States, door frame pull-up bars are remarkably effective for toning the body and building muscle. Iron Strength Workouts is the ultimate guide to maximizing the use of these inexpensive, easy-to-use, and highly versatile workout tools. With exercises that go way beyond simple pull-ups and chin-ups, Iron Strength Workouts delivers day-by-day workout regimens that tone and shape the entire body. 

 3. The Ultimate Guide to Pullups and Chin-ups

The ultimate guide to pull ups and chin upsThis book is divided up into three main sections:
1) Beginner - Work up to your first Pull-Up,
2) Intermediate - Do variations, add reps and add weight,
3) Advanced

- Work up to your first one arm Pull-Up
- A training plan ensured to get you to your first Pull-Up
- The critical differences between Pull-Ups and Chin-ups
- Proper form for a Pull-Up
- Many variations to challenge your grip strength
- How to make your chest or abs work harder with Pull-Ups

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