What Muscles Do Pull-Ups and Chin-Ups Work

During a Pull-Up the muscles that are mainly worked are those of the upper body and the arms.


muscles pull up chin up exercise

A. Primary muscles

- Latissimus Dorsi (also referred as lats)

It is one the largest muscles found on your body, on the lateral sides of the back. It is responsible for supplying much of the force needed to execute a Pull-up. Widen your grip for a fuller workout on these muscles.

- Biceps

Pull-Ups place a great amount of strain on the biceps. They are involved more during a Chin Up (where the palms are facing towards the body). 

B. Secondary muscles

- Upper back muscles

Several upper back muscles work together with the latissimus dorsi to complete a pull-up. These muscles include the teres major, rhomboids, middle trapezius and lower trapezius.

- Forearm Muscles

They are heavily engaged during the beginning of a pull up. When a pull-up bar is grasped, they tighten in order to secure a strong grip on the bar. The thicker the bar, the more strain is placed on the Forearm muscles.

- Deltoids

The rear deltoids (or posterior deltoids) are worked considerably during the execution of a Pull Up.

- Abdominals

The abdominal muscles receive significant stimulation as they help stabilize the body core during the exercise.

Always Warm up your muscles before workout !

Spending time on warming up will improve your level of performance and accelerate the recovery process after the pull-up workout.
A warm up doesn't take a long time and should contain two simple elements:

Aerobic activity

This increases blood flow to the working muscles, which results in more limber joints and less risk of injury. Running on the spot, astride jumps, skipping etc will increase your heart and breathing rate allowing blood to flow quicker.


There are several good stretches to limber your muscles prior to working out. All stretches should be repeated twice for each muscle group and held for 15 seconds.

*   Always talk with your doctor before beginning any exercise program.