Pull-Up Bar Accessories

There are many accessories that you can add to your Pull-Up Bar for getting the most out your workout.

  Ab Straps

pullupbar chinupbar ab strapKnee raise has been praised by fitness communities for its effectiveness as working the abdominal muscles (source: wikipedia). You can use the Ab straps with your pull-up bar to eliminate the need to hang from your hands while performing the exercise. In this way you will able to increase the number of reps for incredible effectiveness.

  Pull-up Assist Band

pull up bar chin up bar assist bandThe Pull-up Assist Band offsets some of the weight your muscles must support doing pull-ups and chin-ups. It is adjustable for optimal amount of resistance, helping you strengthen muscles as you work toward unassisted workout.

  Rotating Handle Set

chin up bar pull up bar rotating handle setHandles can be used to place less stress on the wrists, elbows and shoulders during the workout, offering more variety of exercises.

Weight Belt - Weighted vest

chin up bar pull up bar weight belt vestThere are two primary ways to add external weight to a Pull-Up and increase the intensity of the exercise:

1. Use a weight belt and hook weight plates to it, or

2. Use a weighted vest.



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